[xubuntu] open directory as root

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Installer for 'Elementary Photos' (aka forked Shotwell)

I am new to Ubuntu and was playing around with Elementary OS. I would like to use the ‘Photos’ app that Elementary has developed https://github.com/elementary/photos It appears to have picked

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Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650i 160MHz Wireless- dropping after modem replacement

My ISP sent me a new modem as part of their random troubleshooting of a time of day slowdown. They went from Netgear 7750 to Arris NVG433B. Since then my

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Issues with .Net FrameWork**Using VPS/Port will not listen

Hello, I am trying to run a listener with wine, but it wont bind to port. I get a Framework error. It’s programed in C-sharp & targeted framework is 4.6.1.


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