Xubuntu Focal losing stability since Multiseat addition

Xubuntu Focal losing stability since Multiseat addition

Not long ago I added a second seat to my desktop. The wife needs it rarely so it seemed a good idea at the time. This was done by getting device information with loginctl and attaching to a seat. Ever since then this desktop has been extremely unstable. Before I would leave it on 24/7 for weeks at a time without a whisper. Since adding multi-seat though I’ve had to reboot it at least every other day. Occasionally more often. Basic symptoms are general freezing. After a day or 2 the recycle bin feature just hangs when you try to empty it. Also after a day or so opening a file manager can take minutes instead of instantly, and when it does pop 5+ windows open. Graphical glitching of all sorts when trying to move said window around. Just generally lots of little things that have no explanation. Small things but they do cause usability issues. I’ve tried re-installing multiple times with the same results.

The machine isn’t the newest, but not a slouch either. i5 [email protected] stock clock, 8gb of ddr3 ram, amd 4gb rx570 gpu, 250gb crucial ssd, seasonic 650w psu. Not the most demanding game but it ran World of warcraft at level 7 settings 100fps full time when I had Windows installed. Now it’s mainly used for scripts and general screwing around. No games beyond the occasional Minecraft or KDE games, Kpat, Kmahjongg and such.

Is multi seat just not a good idea generally, so uncommon it just isn’t stable? I can’t figure it being hardware. As soon as I eliminate the second seat / go back to Windows it’s rock solid again.


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