[xubuntu] Boot Error

[xubuntu] Boot Error


When I boot up my system I get this error …
System program problem detected
Do you wish to report the problem now?

The problem I have is that there is no information on how to resolve this error.

Various information on my system is …

$ uname -a
Linux pavilion
#119-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 8 12:30:01 UTC 2020

$ hardinfo
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80GHz
Memory 3588MB (1681MB used)
Machine Type Desktop
Operating System Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
User Name william (William H. Temple)
Date/Time Fri 09 Oct 2020 12:51:27 PM EDT
Resolution 1680×1050 pixels
OpenGL Renderer AMD VERDE (DRM 2.50.0, 4.15.0-118-generic, LLVM 10.0.0)
X11 Vendor The X.Org Foundation

Any help in resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated


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