Windows Client sign in password not working on NFS +1 more problem

Windows Client sign in password not working on NFS +1 more problem

I’m a total newb when it comes to Linux and NFS, double trouble I feel…. I had plenty of help to get me this far. I have mounted 2 external HDs to my Linux and shared one via Samba (mac external) and PC external via NFS. I can sign into the samba (PC External) from my mac just fine but when I go to my PC laptop (windows 10) I cannot sign in, it will not accept my password. I cannot understand where the break down is, anyone ever heard of that problem? I have tried google searching and not found one thing about it.

Now second problem, the Samba Mac External, I can see (read it) it from both the iMac and PC Laptop (windows 10) but I cannot seem to write to it, I have set it up in /etc and should be able to write to it but when I try to -l it doesnt show it green highlighted drive.


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