What is Apache Kafka and will it transform your cloud?

What is Apache Kafka and will it transform your cloud?


(Want any cloud app managed? Reach out to Canonical now. Watch our webinar onApache Kafka in production, and submit your plan for review by our app engineers.) Everyone hates waiting in a queue. On the other hand, when you’re moving gigabytes of data around a cloud environment, message queues are your best friend. Enter Apache Kafka. Apache Kafka enables organisations to create message queues for large volumes of data. That’s about it – it does one simple but critical element of cloud-native strategies, really well. Let’s look at the three significant benefits, challenges and use cases of Apache Kafka, and the easiest way to get it running in production. Apache Kafka – what is it? You need to know three things – topics, partitions and replication. Apache Kafka connects apps that publish data to apps that want to subscribe to that data. It first stores data into a log called a topic. The topic keeps a sense of the order of data it receives, as the publisher appends data to the end of it. Subscribing apps read from the log, based on asking for an offset of the data. To make sure publishing and subscribing can occur at a speed and the scale the cloud environment needs, Apache Kafka partitions data. This means making a copy of all or a part of a topic to partition it. Apache Kafka is a queue you will love. Photo by Adrien Delforge on Unsplash Finally, partitions are replicated to ensure high availability and failure tolerance. Replication means multiple copies of partitions are made and the duplicates are stored in different locations, such as various data centres. Why use Apache Kafka – 2 ways it transforms clouds Providing scalability Kafka solves scalability challenges as partitions of a topic can independently manage read and writes…

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