WARNING: Latest 20.04 Update Smashes Booting

WARNING: Latest 20.04 Update Smashes Booting

Today, I ran a routine “apt update”, “apt full-upgrade”.

Now, after rebooting, my machine is practically dead. After the BIOS window I have a black screen with five message lines flashing in the upper left corner (I always have those, but they just flash once very shortly).

No key action could terminate this behaviour. In the end, I decided to do a new install from DVD.

Worked, and so did my Timeshift backup and I was back in business (took an hour, though).

Just for the hell of it, I did a new “apt update” and “apt full-upgrade”.

Again the same mess! Boot and hangup with the same blinking messages on my screen and a practically dead PC.

What’s going on here? Did someone inject malicious code into the repositories?


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