Using 10.04 now?

Using 10.04 now?

I’ve downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 today, which still feels like peak, optimum Linux to me – the Windows 98 of Linux – until trying to be online. I’ve gone for this old version to use on a X201 Thinkpad that is almost exclusively going to be used as a word-processor. I think I may have attempted this before and remember still tinkering with Firefox with a view to having a quick look at email or an online newspaper while out and seeing it didn’t cope well with today’s internet, and that newer versions of Firefox failed due to dependency issues inevitably.

Is anyone else here using 10.04 or earlier on any machines with any success? Are there ways to get a browser working properly with it? I did wonder if an older version of Opera for example might work if a .deb of it is somewhere online.

I know it’d annoy some to hear this said but I’m not bothered about security and have Debian 10 on a newer laptop for long stays online.



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