USB drive not detected

USB drive not detected

I am brand new to Linux, I tried it briefly once a long time ago and haven’t touched in years since. I have a version of Lubuntu as I’m trying it out on an old laptop that struggles to run Win 7. I have a Seagate 1TB external hard drive that I am attempting to format but I cannot get either windows or linux operating systems to work properly. Firstly, the hard drive works, the cable is good and the usb ports work. The hard drive was hooked up to my satellite receiver and I was using it for pvr purposes and I had no issues with it. I no longer subscribe to the satellite service so I hooked up the hard drive to a digital converter box that picks up over the air tv stations, again to be used for pvr purposes. When I first hooked it up, it worked but the converter box was only showing a capacity of about 100MB. I had my laptop with Lubuntu closest to the hard drive at the time so I reformatted the drive in Lubuntu, I can’t remember for sure but I think I choose NTFS format. I had to google how to do it as Im basically brand new to linux. All went well, I hooked it up to the converter box and configured it and it recognized the full 1TB capacity. About a week or two later, I brought the converter box with me up into my attic to adjust my antenna that is in the attic better so I could see what kind of reception I was getting. When I hooked the converter box back up to the tv in my bedroom it was having the same problem as when I first plugged in the hard drive for the very first time where it only showed about 100MB of capacity. This time I had windows on the laptop and I was going to try to reformat it again. I plugged the hard drive into the laptop and it was taking for ever to load the drivers, it must have been going for over 5 minutes so I figured it was frozen and unplugged the hard drive and attempted to start over. Since then, I cannot get the drive to work properly. When I hook it up to the converter box, the box freezes until I unplug the hard drive. When I hook it up to my laptop with lubuntu, the drive doesn’t get read at all. I tried googling the issue and tried many different things I read, but the drive isn’t getting recognized at all. When I hook the drive up to my laptop with Windows, it recognizes the drive but it fails to install the drivers so its as if its not even plugged it. It doesn’t show up in disk management and its in device manager with a yellow exclamation point next to it. I don’t know if it makes more sense to try to format this drive in windows or linux but if anyone has and suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


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