UEFI and BIOS Legacy

UEFI and BIOS Legacy


Hi, I had successfully installed Ubuntu 20.04 server on my Intel NUC via M.2 storage. I noticed it was booting in UEFI and the world was all good. However I needed to boot from my SATA SSD to access a previous installation of Windows 10. I needed to boot in legacy to get Windows running. That all worked fine and I got what I needed. When I tried to enable UEFI again on the NUC, it would not find the Ubuntu UEFI boot. Ubuntu will now only boot in Legacy and upon booting it provides me with a 10 second count down in a GRUB screen allowing me to select from the following: *Ubuntu Advance options for Ubuntu Windows 10 (on /dev/sdb1) my ultimate goal is to format the SDD and use that for a VM of Windows 10. but that’s for another day… I’m new to UEFI but understand its superior to Legacy. Plus as I had it working before it’s frustrating me that I cant get it working again. Perhaps I have a corrupt UEFI boot? I really don’t want to format and start again! Any help would be very much appreciated.

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