[ubuntu_studio] How to install Ubuntu Studio 20.10 on a USB Stick permanently?

[ubuntu_studio] How to install Ubuntu Studio 20.10 on a USB Stick permanently?

Hi all,
after reading a few days ago about the release of Ubuntu Studio 20.10 I became interested. I downloaded this version onto a 64GB USB 3.0 Stick to try it out.
My other hardware is an Apple Mini (mid 2011) with a 500GB SSD where the OS and the important apps live, and a 500 GB internal HD where data is at home.
My intention is to run either Apple OS or Ubuntu Studio 20.10, but not both simultaneously. I want the 2 worlds separated.
When booting from the USB Stick, after a longish wait I get after 1 click the Ubuntu Studio desktop with a single icon. Clicking on this icon offers the installation of Ubuntu. However, this option only offers as possible locations either the 500GB SSD or the 500GB internal HD. I have no intention of altering these existing disks, let alone reformatting one of them. So, how do I install Ubuntu onto the USB Stick, from where I booted? I’d like any customisation I shall make to be saved and not vanish after a restart.
Can anybody offer a simple solution without command lines in the Terminal? Help appreciated!


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