[ubuntu_mate] MATE auto-login does not work

[ubuntu_mate] MATE auto-login does not work

Ubuntu 20.04.1LTS kernel 5.4.0-48 Mate 1.24.0

The problem is that extra steps are necessary to get Mate to launch. I installed Mate via “sudo apt-get install ubuntu-mate-desktop” and set it to Auto Login. It works nicely once I get into it.

Steps/sequence to get into MATE are,
– boot, see large MATE logo in center of screen with dot action
– Ubuntu login screen, click on my username
– password box opens & symbol/logo appears in lower right corner of screen
– click on the symbol & see selection list of MATE, Ubuntu, Ubuntu on Wayland)
– select MATE
– now enter password in password box & press return
– finally Desktop opens with MATE

And of course, what is desired, is that boot goes directly to MATE desktop. I fiddled a number of times with auto-login in MATE and Unity, but it did not do the trick. In fact, if I set Unity to auto login then I no longer get the symbol in the lower right of the screen and Unity is on the Desktop.

I am guessing there is a simple fix – please offer that guidance.


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