[ubuntu] VirtualBox Flask Server / Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit / Server stops responding periodically

[ubuntu] VirtualBox Flask Server / Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit / Server stops responding periodically

I’m not sure where to post this since I don’t really know if this is an issue with Flask, VirtualBox (6.0) or Ubuntu (16.04 LTS). Please let me know if this isn’t an appropriate place to post.

My company installs Ubuntu VMs for our clients that run a local Flask web server on their system. I know Flask is not meant to be used for production, but each individual server handles about 15 users max (and often just 1 or 2) and often only one or two users at a time. So far it’s been working well for dozens of clients over several months.

We have a couple of clients where the application becomes inaccessible in users’ browsers after a certain period of time. I can SSH to the VM and see that the flask service still seems to be running without issue. Restarting the service doesn’t resolve the issue, but restarting the entire VM does resolve it.

Nothing should change in the application configuration when the VM restarts. All networking and port settings are static. So something is clearly getting hung up. Since the application output doesn’t show anything off and the flask service seems to restart fine internally, I’m guessing the issue is with Ubuntu or VirtualBox (or something on the client machine/network).

I’m wondering if anyone has had this issue before, where they have a working Flask server that runs very reliably in most cases, but have an instance that periodically stops responding after a certain amount of time even though the VM is accessible and flask appears to be running fine internally? Does anyone know why this might happen?

I apologize for lack of details and logs – our access to the client machine is limited

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!


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