[ubuntu] Various backup options

[ubuntu] Various backup options


I would like to backup my whole ubuntu partition – all the files.
The goal is to to have backup in some kind of image file, and restoration would be eventually made on a clear, formatted partition.

I want to backup and at the same time work so software like Clonezilla is not a solution.

I tried “dd” but it takes horrible amount of time and “dd” is not showing estimation time of work.

I’ve read that “gnome-disk” would do it, but have found that restoration with “Disk” needs space which is “larger than the saved image”. That sentance made me puzzle.

Also tried “Timeshift” but couldn’t make it to backup whole partition.

Anyway, “dd” looks the best, but that lack of estimation time is unacceptable.
Any ideas, which program would meet my expactions?



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