[ubuntu] Unable to install ANY Linux Distro: Black Screen and intermitting cursor stuck!

[ubuntu] Unable to install ANY Linux Distro: Black Screen and intermitting cursor stuck!

I have a Laptop, an Asus with Intel i4770K 8GB RAM Nvidia 2GB GPU. Not too new but not old at all.
I used to have Win10 from retail (mom’s bought it). Then she passed it to me and I started playing around.
I wanted to Dual Boot so I repartitioned the disk with GParted.

Dunno what I done wrong but Gparted closed fine, everything successful and proper shutdown. I started to install Ubuntu 20.10 but after few seconds I get a Asus+Ubuntu screen (which looke dpromising) followed by a lamping cursor in the fist line on the corner up -left.

I thought the USB with Ubuntu was corrupted. Tries again. Same. Tied Mint. Same.
Now even Gparted gives me the same issue. Practically I can’t access the PC in any way shape or form to me known (not that there are many…that’s why I’m here, lol).

What can I do now?
I think I believed to have somehow meesed up between MBR & GPT & once a flash message about some EFI partition missing appeared as well.

What can I try to log into some OS somehow ?

Thanks in advance for your help, kind regards!


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