[ubuntu] Ubuntu 20 LTS screen blurring/overlapping & no apps in search

[ubuntu] Ubuntu 20 LTS screen blurring/overlapping & no apps in search

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu Studio 20 & for some reason whenever I move apps, change workspaces, resize any windows; everything blurs together.

I know that’s not a great description & I’m sorry for some of my incompetence. Whenever I move or resize anything, its almost like a series of pictures instead of a smooth video as each “picture” overlaps with the next. Sometimes if I change workspace, that will solve it till the next program is accessed.

I also can’t look up any of my programs in the OS search. I can pull up the search itself, but no apps or files ever pull up. Its like the search can’t find anything on the drive.

I’d greatly appreciate help solving this please — and thank you.


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