Ubuntu trial

Ubuntu trial

Please forgive my possible misuse of terminology as I’m a complete Ubuntu novice. Any terms I use that I’m unsure about, I’ve placed in inverted commas. I’m not particularly PC savvy either, having only ever used Microsoft operating systems in the past. Anyone kind enough to reply will really need to avoid jargon. Explanations will have to use layman’s terms, otherwise it will mean nothing to me. Thanks for your understanding.

I would like to ditch my current operating system, the shameful debacle that is Windows 10, so I’m exploring alternative operating systems (I imagine this situation isn’t uncommon). I have “installed” Ubuntu on a USB 3.0 flash memory stick and run it as a trial. So far, I’m impressed. Despite a steep learning curve, things are gradually falling into place – except a couple of areas on which I would greatly appreciate advice.

Firstly, changes to Ubuntu settings and Firefox “extensions” I made/added yesterday were gone when I logged in today. Is this because I’m using Ubuntu as a trial? I trust this wouldn’t happen if I “installed” Ubuntu on my HDD as my only operating system?

Secondly, I can’t seem to access my personal files that I know are on the PC’s HDD. Again, is this just because it’s a trial? I expect I could duplicate a few of these files onto the Ubuntu USB memory stick as a temporary measure just to get a feel for how Ubuntu handles files. Would that work out OK?

Thanks in anticipation.


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