[ubuntu] Static, Noise In Some Websites and Spotify

[ubuntu] Static, Noise In Some Websites and Spotify

I’m using a laptop with Ubuntu 20.04 and getting a buzzing noise when I play audio. You can hear it in this clip: Example

I used to get static noises on all flash video players, back when I was running Windows and was able to fix it by installing another audio driver.

I always hear the noise at Twitch.tv, Vimeo; When I watch YouTube videos I hear it sometimes, but not always.

I hear the noise in Spotify but it is much less pronounced and sometimes goes away altogether. Often when I start playing music its all clean and after some minutes the buzzing starts again.

I checked alsamixer but when I slide the volume down sound is not audible.

In my research I found a thread that suggested that



would help, but running that didn’t make a difference.


pulseaudio -k

but pulseaudio wont restart again when i kill it

In alsamixer, chip and card is ;


Card: HDA Intel PCH      Chip: Realtek ALC269VB


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