[ubuntu] S.M.A.R.T. data on cloned drive same as original

[ubuntu] S.M.A.R.T. data on cloned drive same as original

I just finished cloning a 500Gb drive which “disks” showed was failing (mostly read failures) and wouldn’t pass the self-test. I bought a 1Tb replacement (same brand – Western Digital) and used Clonezilla to copy it. THis worked to perfection with only one glitch: I forgot to add the “–rescue” switch at first. The cloned drive is now just fine and MUCH faster than it used to be. It was my Windows 7 drive for my dual-boot system. I used Windows to extend the partition beyond the 500G to 1Tb.

Now, the problem. In “disks” I’ve found the new drive has nearly all the SMART data the same as the old drive. The new drive was manufactured in August of 2020–the old drive was 7 years old, yet “disks” tell me virtually the same things are wrong with the new drive–mostly “Old Age” and 2 “pre-Fails”. How can this be possible with a drive manufactured only two months ago? The only answer I can come up with is that Clonezilla was too efficient and copied EVERYTHING, including the SMART data.

Is there some step I missed that will erase the OLD data and give me the SMART readings for the new drive? I’ve tried “Refresh” but that only updates the amount of time the drive has been powered on (5+ hours). The “Help” entry in “disks” leads to “The URI ‘help:gnome-help/disk does not point to a valid page” so that’s out.



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