Ubuntu Rufus Sandisk Windows 10 dual install failed :(

Ubuntu Rufus Sandisk Windows 10 dual install failed :(

Hi y’all. I did everything Ubuntu’s website told me to do. I got the 32GB Sandisk thumb drive. I downloaded Ubuntu 20.04.1. I downloaded Rufus like the instructions said. It went without problems. I got Windows 10 Home edition, so no BitLocker, right? I had to press F12 to select the Sandisk. It said Windows in the middle and Ubuntu at the bottom. I clicked 3rd party “option” and created a password. It said it was done, pull out the Sandisk and continue. So I did. But then Windows appeared as normal. So I rebooted, and Windows appeared as normal. I pressed F12 again and could not find Ubuntu at all. No dual boot, no nothing. As if nothing was done. New Dell Inspiron 14 laptop AMD Ryzen 7. What do I do next? :confused:


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