[ubuntu] onscreen keyboard suddenly does not type at login.

[ubuntu] onscreen keyboard suddenly does not type at login.

I have a weird issue with Ubuntu 20.04 with the on-screen keyboard. I have a Dell 2 in 1. Sometimes I need to log in with the on-screen keyboard as the regular keyboard is folded in the tablet position. Anyway, the issue I have is when I get to the login screen, and the laptop is folded; it brings up the on-screen keyboard, but nothing appears when you type. The enter key works, but the standard number and letter keys do not. If you hit the caps key, the on-screen keyboard switches to caps but still doesn’t type in the box. So it does not seem like the on-screen keyboard is frozen. Then I have to fold it back to the usual physical position and log in with the physical keyboard. I noticed this also happens if you hit the The worst part is, if you hit Gnome Activities button and try to type in the search box to launch an app. The on-screen keyboard does work for Chrome, Terminal, and most other apps I have tried. This is a new issue I am having as I was able to log in, search, and launch apps before this. I know Ubuntu had an update the other night. I am not sure if that’s what caused this. I have done many Google searches and found articles about using the keyboard but nothing on this. Anyone else run into the problem? 🙁


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