[ubuntu] Not sure what I should install and how, please help?

[ubuntu] Not sure what I should install and how, please help?

I finally have a spare computer that I’m able to set up as a personal server, but I already have some questions that I’m finding getting the answers to difficult.

  1. Should I install Ubuntu desktop or Ubuntu server? My plan is to hopefully do primary access to the server through my main machine using the command cell. However, being able to have the GUI is important as well if I’m trying to access the computer directly.
  2. Is there a way to install it directly onto an SSD while I have it hooked up through an SSD/HDD reader? My web searches have turned up things like GRUB, but I’m still not sure whether or not I can just download an installer and install it to an SSD or if it would honestly be easier to just set the other computer up and do a typical install via a USB drive.
  3. I’m considering doing a RAID on my SSDs as I have three of them but I’ve never done it before, is there anything I should know about RAID and Ubuntu? Is this something I should do before or after the install?

Thanks in advance.


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