[ubuntu] No password FREEDOM in Ubuntu :(

[ubuntu] No password FREEDOM in Ubuntu :(

Do we not pride ourselves as standing for freedom?

I have always believed in the core tenants of the open-source movement
so when I saw what I saw, there was no choice but to write this post

I quote from the GNU philosophy:
“Free software” means software that respects users’ freedom and community

So then i ask why is it i am restricted in my choice of passwords?
Now i know full and well all about the risks of having a weak password
I am aware of the techniques used to generate millions of passwords a second
How you are basically allowing all hackers from far and wide by using a bad password
All this being said, why is the Ubuntu™ distribution holding back my rights?

GNU essential freedom zero:


The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose

I tried to change my root user password because i want to connect using SSH,
but in my attempt my rights are violated and Ubuntu thinks it knows best.
The OS tells my that using a single space character as the root password is “to short”

Freedom hating Ubuntu™ response:


You must choose a longer password

Why do we let this OS boss us around?

Doesn’t this go against the freedoms we stand for?
I thought we championed the Linux™ brand as the only one that actually cares about the people
Why have we let the devil through the back door by implementing this kind of code?
I know we can do better, can someone who is further up the ranks bring this issue forward because i really think it needs addressing!
If we don’t turn this ship around before it’s to late i’m afraid we could have a disaster on our hands

Thanks for reading


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