[ubuntu] Need help with Duplicity (Deja Dup) .. Ubuntu 18.04

[ubuntu] Need help with Duplicity (Deja Dup) .. Ubuntu 18.04

Hello and thanks for reading. In my old installation of 18.04 I split my files between two partitions; most subdirectories (Desktop, Downloads, etc.) were in the partition housing my Home directory, but I kept Documents in a separate, larger, partition, with a symlink in Home that pointed to it.

Now, having installed 18.04 on another machine, everything is in one partition, i.e.: no symlink. And Deja Dup tells me it can’t restore my Documents files and asks if I have write permission there. I do. (And Desktop, etc. did restore successfully.)

So the fact that ‘Documents’ now lives in the same partition as ‘Home’, and is no longer accessed through a symlink, breaks the restore operation?

How do I fix this? I want my files back! Waaah 🙁


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