[ubuntu] NAS Drive (smb share) not automounting after reboot

[ubuntu] NAS Drive (smb share) not automounting after reboot

hello guys

my 12TB NAS Drive is also my smb share. it works fine and i can access it on all devices, but after restart it shows like this:

i have to enter “MMSERVERDELLT40” and open the folder “MMEIROLAS” in order for it to mount it like this:

only once this is done i can access on all devices. problem is if i am away and suddenly power is cut, i will not be able to acess he server.
my samba config i set up like this:

one thing i don’t understand:

in the permission properties of “/media/mmserverdellt40/wd” i can’t change permission to “mmeirolas” or “sambashare” like it is set up in the samba config.
i did:

sudo chmod 777 /media/mmserverdellt40/wd
sudo chown mmeirolas:sambashare /media/mmserverdellt40/wd
sudo chmod 2770 /media/mmserverdellt40/wd

didn’t work either.

the sharing options for “/media/mmserverdellt40/wd” don’t show as shared either:

could someone tell me how to fix this? changing disc options for the drive to automount at start doesn«t work since i lose complete access.

thx a lot


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