[ubuntu] My linux won't start "loading initial ramdisk"

[ubuntu] My linux won't start "loading initial ramdisk"

Dear all.

I used to use linuxmint but after a lot of troubles I have started using Ubuntu but the problems are chasing me.

I have installed ubuntu 20.04 and after a few successful system starts, the system has stopped working.

My laptop is a latitude 7400 with ssd intel i7 and 16GB Ram.
I dont have windows, only linux is installed.
I also have a thunderbolt docking stations.

In the beginning it was fine, I could shut down and start the sysmte without problems.
After I connected my docking station and again everytthing went fine, I could use my 2 external monitors, mouse, network etc…
If I shut down the computer and tried to start with the docking connected the system wouldnt start.
After when I pressed the power button even without the docking, 2 out of 3 times the system froze in the dell screen. but sometimes the system started.
Since yesterday I can’t start the system at all. If I try the “safe mode” the system freezes with the message “loading initial ramdisk”, I have tried with all the different options and none of them let me start…

I have run various system checks and all hardware seems to be fine.

I would really appreciate if someone could help.


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