[ubuntu] Moving away from Andriod and OSX and switching to linux for everything.

[ubuntu] Moving away from Andriod and OSX and switching to linux for everything.

Hello Ladies n Gents,

I hope you are all surviving though this covid situtation – i see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyway, only a boring long a$$ story – thanks to those who have the patience to read it 😉

I’ve always been facinated with Linux but everything just appears to come out of the box as either Windows, Android or Mac Osx.

I’ve always been on OSX but I just think it’s about right to strat conveting over to Linux istead of using Mac Osx. Same goes for my Phone also, I’ve a few HTC and Huwei phones to play around with, incase i break one or two or even all (Known my luck). For the phones l’m planning on switcing over to Linux, pobably test out Ubuntu Touch and LineageOS. Anyway, i’ve moving off the point here.

Now i’ve used the likes of Ubuntu and Mint on Virtual box, zero issues with the install. I have a few old Mac Laptops hanging around so I decided I’ll try just replace OSX completely with Linux 20.04. So i installed onto a 20.04 Thumb drive using UNetbootin. Everything was going well wit the install but my screen just appears to hanging on a purple screen after reboothing. No login sceen appears. Kind kind of at a loss here. I’d not really that tech savy type person when it comes to this sort of stuff so I thought i’d reach out to you Master of this craft.

Any help would greatly be apprecated – p. speak to me like you are speaking to a child cause some of the terminology you might be using will gio way over my head and might not understand :lolflag:

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

p.s the machine i’m using is a MacBook Pro 15″ Unibody Late 2008 & Early 2009, upgrade a long time ago to 128 SSD and 8gb Ram.




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