[ubuntu_mate] Audio from 3.5mm jack after 2nd HDMI connected

[ubuntu_mate] Audio from 3.5mm jack after 2nd HDMI connected

My set-up is currently Raspberry Pi Model 4 connected through HDMI ports to a TV (HDMI-1) and a projector (HDMI-2). I have the 3.5mm audio jack connected to speakers.

When all is as described above I cannot get audio from the 3.5mm jack. I can get audio from each HDMI device without issue as both have internal speakers.

After trying different configurations, I have found that I get audio from the 3.5mm jack when HDMI-2 (projector) is disconnected and pi rebooted, so that only HDMI-1 is connected.

I have tried
sudo amixer cset numid=3 1
without success as I get this returned:

amixer: Cannot find the given element from control default

I was having these issues and some others relating to my display when using, Raspian (even tried forcing audio through 3.5mm using the raspi-config utility) so I switched from Raspian to Ubuntu-mate. I had the same audio issue in both operating systems. I am currently running Ubuntu Mate.

i have also tried –

sudo apt-get install –reinstall alsa-base pulseaudio

sudo alsa force-reload
I have tried testing speakers using ubuntu-mate’s graphical sound settings, hardware tab – does not work.
I used alsamixer to ensure that the headphones volume was turned up to full and not muted.

I have tried Google and I have not found a solution.
I am new to Linux.

Thanks for your help.


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