[ubuntu] install 20.04 on a system running 12.04 in parallel and on two separate hds

[ubuntu] install 20.04 on a system running 12.04 in parallel and on two separate hds

I have a system running 12.04, which I did so far not update. I now want to install 20.04 in parallel and make it double boot. There are several HDs attached, among them external USB disks. I want to install the 20.04 onto a 1GB solid state hd, which shows up as /dev/sdc. I have the corresponding ISO file but usb-creator-gtk just shows me the choice of 2 of the five disks, but not dev/sdc (i.e. the sshd is not in the list, the current system disk is!).

What is the correct procedure? I believe that it is not necessary to first write the ISO on an USB stick and install from there; can I do it directly on the sshd followed by making it bootable, supposedly via the usb-creator-gtk routine or gparted.

Thank you for hints, best D-E.


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