[ubuntu] Init Failure & Segmentation Fault

[ubuntu] Init Failure & Segmentation Fault


Hi All, I have an Expresso HD exercise bike that runs on a Giada G300 mini-computer that has a GE Force GT 730 graphics card. It runs on 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04.5 I have an issue that started 2 months ago. I bought the bike used and it worked fine until I connected it to the internet when I bought the subscription. I left it on for a few hours to “find” the subscription, but when I came back it had a blue screen. What’s supposed to happen is I turn the bike on and it autostarts/launches into the bike software where you can pick a track and begin. When I restarted after the blue screen, it boots to tty1 and I login there. When I go to the startup folder equivalent and launch the program (home/expresso/scripts/start-launcher.sh) I get the following error: Code: Inca   init kbd   init mouse failed.   segmentation fault (core dumped) I’m not even sure where to start with this error. I googled around and it seems like the segmentation fault/core dump can be caused by just about anything. Any insight would be greatly appreciated Thank you


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