[ubuntu] I borked my system and I don't know how

[ubuntu] I borked my system and I don't know how


Hello all, So I had finished setting up my new PC and had installed everything I wanted, so my plan was to create a new partition on my old Seagate 1TB SSD and use Timeshift to back up to that. Long story short, the Ubuntu 20.04 ‘Disks’ tool seemed to be having some trouble working with the drive, it took forever to format a tiny 20GB partition, then when I decided I wanted to rename it it took forever to delete the partition. Finally got it sorted but when I tried to create a Timeshift image in that partition it hung on 6.66% (a bit ominous) and I had to cancel. Then for some reason the partiton was being mounted at /run/timeshift/ when previously on 18.04 it was always /media/[user]/ which is where partitions I made on the drive, using my laptop, are still mounted on my PC. Basically I couldn’t erase the partially completed images under /run/timeshift using the file manager so I just ran ‘sudo rm -d -r /run/timeshift’ and was immediately met by a blue screen with only the Gnome side bar / top bar remaining. I rebooted and it just went straight to Grub, I tried going into the UEFI and just booting from the drive but it still went to Grub. I couldn’t be bothered to poke around with it so I just re-installed. What happened? why is /run/timeshift so critical?


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