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installing HPLIP on Kubuntu 20.04

I was unable to launch the HPLIP offered in the repo so I tried the newer version offered by HP: Code: It has a dependency issue that can be

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bluetooth keeps disconnect after few seconds on raspberry pi 4 running ubuntu desktop

Can not get any bluetooth device connected on raspberry pi 4 running ubuntu desktop. This is what bluetoothctl shows: Code: [bluetooth]# remove 20:20:01:1E:56:FF [DEL] Device 20:20:01:1E:56:FF Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard Device

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Gtk3 crash opening Gui

Hi, First time posting. I’m currently stuck on a crash and don’t know how to diagnose the problem: Whenever some aplication is opened (gedit, nautilus, nemo) the aplication is displayed,


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