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Ubuntu Dsicussions 0 Comments

Control volume on non-default audio device

I’m running Xubuntu 18.04, but I imagine this should apply to any version. I have a setup where I’m running my headphones off a USB DAC/amp, and a set of

Ubuntu Dsicussions 0 Comments

Sound devices disappear when HDMI output switched

I have an older PC with an Nvidia GT1030 video card and it’s connected to a UHD TV through a 5×1 HDMI 2.0 switch. With everything working if I switch

Ubuntu Dsicussions 0 Comments

Blank Screen after Awake from Sleep

After my PC wake up from sleep, there is only blank screen. Now I gotta shutdown my computer after every usage. Whats is the problem? I am using Ubuntu 19.10.


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