[ubuntu] Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter while Booting Ubuntu

[ubuntu] Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter while Booting Ubuntu


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Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter error comes up while running Ubuntu 20.04 in Mac book Pro (2013) for a few months now and this has happened to me whenever I boot into Ubuntu. How could I make this disappear?

P.S Let me put the words in the picture into written issue,

Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter in Ubuntu

“Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter
Could not create MokListRT: Invalid Parameter
Importing MOK state has failed: import mok_state() failed: Invalid Parameter
Continuing boot since secure mode is disabled”

So, How to FIX this issue of Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter?

This looks to be a UEFI bootloader related issue.

In some cases there were no loader selected at all or in some cases it was booting to a dead boot slot in grub throwing this error on the display.

Change the efibootmgr timeout time

You can change the efibootmgr timeout so that it will populate a list of installed OS so that you can select which one to start!

efibootmgr -t 5

Executing the above command has resulted showing a list of installed OS to select while booting:

TianoCore 1.1.0 UEFI 2.4.0 Oct 20 2015 14:49:32
CPU: APM ARM 64-bit Potenza Rev A3 2400MHz PCP 2400MHz
     SOC 2000MHz IOBAXI 400MHz AXI 250MHz AHB 200MHz GFC 125MHz
Board: X-Gene Mustang Board
Slimpro FW:
        Ver: 2.4 (build 2015/04/22)
        PMD: 950 mV
        SOC: 950 mV
The default boot selection will start in   5 seconds
[1] Fedora rawhide
[2] Red Hat Enterprise Linux
[3] Fedora
[4] Shell
[5] Boot Manager
[6] Reboot
[7] Shutdown

If something else. please let me know in


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