[ubuntu] Computer Lab for handicapped adults…. Can you help me?????

[ubuntu] Computer Lab for handicapped adults…. Can you help me?????


I volunteer at a non profit that cares for 130 handicapped adults near Houston. I am a retired IT person, but so very new to Linux. Can You Help Me????? I want to setup several old computers as Internet surfing machines for the handicapped adults. However the handicapped people download so many virus files that it effects entire network. I want to use Lunbuntu or Ubuntu on a boot-able USB. Every night they will turn off the machine. The next morning they start with a new Lubuntu from the USB. The users could not store or read anything on the USB nor the computer hard drive. They could ONLY surf the web and NOT save any files I would like to set the Temp files to be stored on the computer hard drive. So it will run a little faster. What would be ideal is if the computer hard drive could be quick formatted (or erased) every morning after the USB Lubuntu starts up. So no matter what virus files are downloaded, they would be remove tomorrow. Something like the Autoexec.bat file in DOS. I would appreciate any help.

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