[ubuntu] Can't set 2k resolution (option not shown)

[ubuntu] Can't set 2k resolution (option not shown)


Dear Ubuntu Community, few weeks ago, I bought a new monitor. It is a BenQ PD2500Q. This screen has a WQHD resolution. My problem is, that my system only shows FHD as highest resolution possible (using Mini Display-Port). What can I do, to use the full resources of the monitor? My system: Notebook: T430 (2349D17) (external Monitor up to 2560×[email protected] https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/pd024705) CPU: i5 3320M GPU: Nvidia NVS 5400M Driver used: nvidia-diver-390.138 OS: Ubuntu 20.04 I would be very grateful, if anyone could help my to solve this issue! Thomas


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