[ubuntu] Can't Browse WIndows Network from Ubuntu 16.04

[ubuntu] Can't Browse WIndows Network from Ubuntu 16.04


I have 4 Ubuntu servers at one site. 3 of the computers can browse the Windows network and see all of the Windows computers and the Linux servers running Samba. They are running 18.04 LTS. I have one16.04 LTS 32 bit computer with pretty much the same hardware and software. That computer cannot browse the Windows network nor connect to smb/cifs shares. The other computers can see it and can connect to it’s shares as can all of the Windows computers. smbtree runs, prompts for a password but returns no results. Code: # smbtree Enter root’s password nmblookup runs but returns no results. Code: # nmblookup -W ADMINISTRATION -A Looking up status of No reply from smbclient runs but times out with an error. Code: # smbclient -W ADMINISTRATION -U administrator //shylock2/accounting Enter administrator’s password: Connection to shylock2 failed (Error NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT) These commands work on all of the other computers. I have iptables running on this computer to do address translation for my block of public ip addresses. I also have port 137 blocked for udp and tcp on the public ip addresses, but I don’t think that should effect the private addresses. Code: -A INPUT -s aa.bb.cc.dd/29 -p udp -m udp –dport 137 -j DROP -A INPUT -s aa.bb.cc.dd/29 -p tcp -m tcp –dport 137 -j DROP -A OUTPUT -s aa.bb.cc.dd/29 -p tcp -m tcp –dport 137 -j DROP -A OUTPUT -s aa.bb.cc.dd/29 -p udp -m udp –dport 137 -j DROP I haven’t found anything in the logs to indicate a problem.

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