[ubuntu] cannot close program

[ubuntu] cannot close program

I have been noticing that, sometimes, I can’t shut down a program. This has happened with firefox, thunderbird and, now, livepatch. When this happens it also means that , again for instance, I am having problems typing this as things freeze. I have tried to shut down stuff from the program (which accepts nothing and is frozen), from the dock, and also tried to run system monitor which started, had the icon but wouldn’t open. Basically my machine is in partial lockdown and there doesn’t seem to be a damned thing that I can do. I am resisting just pressing buttons (always a mistake) but this is really frustrating. Oh, the livepatch box, that receives input, is also dimmed and will not go away. This little note took me 15 minutes to type.

It got so bad that I started pushing buttons. The only other thing I had open was Firefox. I shutdown firefox and, suddenly, the livepatch connection, through software and updates, shut down on its own. For me this means that I have a problem with firefox and will be paying them a visit. Still, any thought are welcome as this one is starting to really get to me.

thank you………………


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