[ubuntu] Built in display (with external monitor) is lagging.

[ubuntu] Built in display (with external monitor) is lagging.

Good evening! I’ve added an external monitor to my laptop and am using it as an extended display (Dell SE2719H); as of right now I’ve set the external monitor as my primary display so my games and such will launch on that monitor by default – works great. My problem is with the built in display on my laptop, now. I noticed when I place the system in an extended setup my laptop screen switches to a 60.03hz refresh rate and videos, gifs, as well as mouse movement is noticeably laggy. I pulled up my nvidia settings and it’s listing my laptop screen as a PRIME display in which the settings cannot be changed.

My question is how do I correct the sluggishness on my laptop screen? How do I edit the settings for this display such as digital vibrance, color correction, etc if the Nvidia panel isn’t allowing me to? My system information is as follows:

  • Acer nitro 5
  • I5-9300h
  • GTX 1050 3GB MAX-Q
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Gnome 3.36.3
  • Windowing system = X11
  • Nvidia Driver 455

Images of my display/nvidia panel




I checked to make sure my Nvidia card was in fact being used in the terminal as opposed to my intergrated intel graphics, and I’ve done a fresh install of my nvidia drivers. If you need anymore information from me I’ll gladly provide it, hopefully this is a simple problem and it’s just my inexperience getting in the way. Thank you!


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