[ubuntu] Boot repair unable to solve boot problem after Windows Update

[ubuntu] Boot repair unable to solve boot problem after Windows Update

I have a Toshiba dynabook Satellite Pro C50-A-1K9 laptop. It is dual boot system – Ubuntu 20.04LTE and MS Windows10.

After I did the latest Windows update, which included a Toshiba BIOS update to 1.80, the computer will only boot into Windows without showing the usual Ubuntu boot menu.

I ran the boot repair disk from a USB stick, but no change – MS Windows again

Whilst in Windows, as recommended by boot repair, I typed in the Windows command box:-

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path EFIubuntushimx64.efi

No change – it still boots into MS Windows.

I do have comprehensive backups of my data, but unless there is absolutely no other way, I do not want to start with a fresh install of Ubuntu as there is much software installed and the total size is 1.5Tb

I have been using Ubuntu for several years now and am familiar with the command line. However, this problem is way out of my league and I would appreciate the assistance of a systems expert! This page, generated by “boot repair” may be useful-


It may also be helpful to those who are developing new versions of the boot repair software to hopefully overcome the problems caused by this latest unfortunate update from MS Windows.



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