[ubuntu] acidrip/handbrake

[ubuntu] acidrip/handbrake


Bought a new dvd – “Death on the Nile” and found that updating ubuntu from19.04 to 20.04, Handbrake stubbornly refused to work. So tried AcidRip. First go, could not get rid of the sub-titles. Annoying but found that if Sub-File was clicked no worries – no more sub-titles. Then found AcidRip would not record the whole DVD. More annoying but found that I should have changed the File Size from its default “700” to the File Size of the main VOB file of my new ancient DVD [ Peter Ustinov as Poirot is best ] all worked well. Bit of a Homer Simpson moment I know to change the File Size to the actual FileSize shown on the disk but there you are. This post is just info for those who find that Handbrake won’t work on 20.04 and want to try AcidRip.


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