[ubuntu] 20.04 randomly freezes, how can I figure out what is wrong?

[ubuntu] 20.04 randomly freezes, how can I figure out what is wrong?

Hello Forum,

I have recently done a clean install of Ubuntu 20.04 in my 2013 imac in which I have already been running Linux for a couple of years. I mainly work with audio and I am experiencing an annoying situation where the computer just freezes and only a hard turn off works by holding down the power button. Mouse doesn’t move, audio stops and the computer becomes forever unresponsive. The main problem is that it does not create a crash report so I have no idea how to begin to inspect this issue. How would I check what’s wrong, or setup some sort of log system to find out what causes this. As far as I know, a “crash” report is not being generated in this particular situation. Haven’t found anything online referring to this issue.

please help


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