[ubuntu] 20.04: no display from external monitor after powercycle

[ubuntu] 20.04: no display from external monitor after powercycle

Hello everyone,

Am using ubuntu 20.04 and My laptop is Lenovo Yoga 920.

I need help to get my external monitor working. I have connected BenQ 24” monitor via hdmi via hub (my laptop doesn’t have any port except usb-c).

Current setup


xrandr --listmonitors
Monitors: 2
 0: +*DP-2 1680/527x1050/296+0+0  DP-2
 1: +eDP-1 1920/309x1080/174+1680+0  eDP-1

external monitor is DP-2.

Once you leave the monitor idle, it goes blank (also if you click suspend). When I try to re-login (move the mouse or press button), only the laptop monitor comes up. The external monitor doesn’t come up.
The only way to bring it up is to disconnect the cable and reconnect to the hdmi port in usb hub. Have to do it *twice*. Then the original layout and monitor comes up.

Can someone please help me to fix this issue? Or atleast a workaround that prevents me from pulling and re-inserting hdmi cable.


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