Ubuntu 20.04 can't login with correct password – no .Xauthority folder

Ubuntu 20.04 can't login with correct password – no .Xauthority folder


Hello, this is my first time installing Ubuntu. I installed it alongside Windows 10 (dual boot). I got UEFI BIOS, and Nvidia GPU if that matters. i7 7700k, 16GB ddr4 RAM and gtx 1080 Here is my procedure: Downloaded Ubuntu 20.04 from official Ubuntu websiteUsing rufus, I flashed the image to the USB drive of 8GB (FAT32 formated)Plugged USB in and rebooted my PC. At the boot menu I chose the USB drive and then the file checking process started.During that checking process 0 errors have been found.Then the setup wizard showed up. I chose Install Ubuntu and chose the option “Install alongside Windows”.I made an username and password, and chose to option to “Log in automatically”.I dedicated 70GB via the slider to the Ubuntu, and left 150GB to the Windows 10.The installation proces began, and completed after few minutes.I was asked to reboot my PC and then to eject the USB drive and press ENTER.Did that, and then I got automatically booted into Windows 10.Rebooted my PC again, and in the boot options chose “ubuntu”. Booted into Ubuntu and got to the screen where I need to choose a User and then enter a password.Entered the correct password and then got simply return to the user selection screen. No message came up that the password is incorrect for example.Just for testing purposes, I entered the wrong password, and then the message came that the password is incorrect, and I stayed on the “enter password” screen. Online people have told to log in to shell via CTRL + ALT + F3. I did that and I was able to log in then. During that shell, my screen glitched a bit. I was able to see Ubuntu desktop on some parts of my screen. People online suggested to look for .Xauthority…

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