Tools to Improve a Developer’s Workflow

Tools to Improve a Developer’s Workflow


As a web developer myself I’m always looking for resources to improve my productivity. Over time I collected on my Evernote, a number of different online tools that help me in different ways, either by providing code snippets, design patterns, or simply great functionality. Today I’d like to share with you those tools I use regularly and which are among my favorites. To make it easier for you to navigate through the content I’ve categorized them in one of the following subjects: Illustrations Development CSS Tools Illustrations Blush Blush Blush allows you to customize and download great illustrations for free for personal and commercial use. The website is very easy to use, and very powerful, you can customize with many details each illustration to create unique results. They offer downloads of the images in different formats though some extensions require a paid plan. As the moment of writing SVGs require a free plan, though you can download PNG images for free. DrawKit DrawKit DrawKit offers 100% free hand-drawn vector illustration and icon resources. They also offer animated illustrations powered by Lottie. This website is amazing, and the illustrations are great, used them many times and I was very happy with…  


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