The more I use Ubuntu 20.04 the more I like it!

The more I use Ubuntu 20.04 the more I like it!

Ubuntu 20.04 runs perfectly out of the box on my older HP desktop. I had problems with the new HP 15 laptop though and that wasn’t unexpected being it’s pretty new. The onboard sound was not supported well with the 5.4 kernel causing things to be detected wrong and the system freezing pretty often. The 5.8 mainline kernel took care of the hardware issue pretty quick. It unfortunately spoiled the nice new boot experience with some BIOS, firmware errors displaying on boot. I thought, oh well it’s not hurting anything and 20.10 might solve it later anyway or the next 20.04 point release.

I tried 20.10 last night from a live USB, just my luck the errors still displayed. I did a search this morning and found a couple of solutions for the errors displaying. The solutions were not specific to 20.04. The first one I tried made things even worse, lol. The second solution fixed it right up! It wasn’t rocket science, just a simple editing of /etc/default/grub. I know, the issue was trivial, the system ran perfectly fine but it was very satisfying getting everything just the way I wanted it.

People have always said, find something you like and stick with it! Glad I finally took the advice! The answer was out there and it only took minutes to find. A little patience and a couple of tries was all it took. I have to give some credit to TheFu, he did not give me the answer, I never even asked the question but he did get the wheels turning in my head with other knowledge he has shared recently. Putting Windows 10 back on the new laptop was the last thing I wanted to do. I would have happily lived with the errors on boot rather than go that route!

The end result turned out better than I could have hoped for! It goes to show, the information is out there and a little patience can go a long way!


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