Terrible network transfer speeds

Terrible network transfer speeds

I’m getting extremely poor network transfer rates from a new (and updated) install of Ubuntu Server20.04 LTS in a new Virtual Machine. Other machines on the LAN, including existing VMs on the same physical host as the Ubuntu VM, have transfer rates that are orders of magnitude faster so presumably it’s not a hardware or cabling issue. Running ethtool confirms that Ubuntu is seeing a gigabit NIC.

At first I thought it might be a CIFS issue but I’ve now tried NFS with much the same results: about 30 Kilobytes/s from the Ubuntu Server. Other machines on the wired LAN (physical and VM) are getting about 25-50 Megabytes/s, and even my laptop with slow WiFi is getting in the megabyte range.

The other setups I’ve tried are: Mint 18.3; OpenMediaVault [Debian stretch-based]; Mint 20.0. All manage megabyte speeds compared with ~30KB/s in Ubuntu Server 20.04.

I found some posts about transfer speed issues but they turned out to be related to WiFi settings/drivers but I’m using wired connections (virtual NICs through the host’s physical card). I don’t have enough experience to know where else to look for the cause of the problem. Can anyone point me in the right direction and/or tell me what other information I need to post to help narrow it down?

Thanks for any assistance.


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