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How To Run A Process In Background In Linux/Unix?

In a Linux/Unix system, a process is an instance of a program that is running on a computer. When a program starts executing it can have multiple processes associated with

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How To Find IP Address From Domain Name In Linux/Unix?

Before we start running a command to find the IP addresses from the domain name. First, we will discuss briefly about IP address and domain names. An IP address is

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How to Print files in Linux Using Command Line

Printing a file is one of the basic functionalities provide by the linux operating system, rather than just printing a file its provides us with a variety of options like

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How to make files Hidden in Linux

Linux provides us the functionality to hide the files for security as per user preference, users can easily hide files by using some simple command or even use GUI for

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How To Use dd command In Linux/Unix To Make USB Bootable?

This post was last updated on May 2nd, 2020 at 10:08 amDD command is used to create a bootable disk from an existing image as it clones data from one

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Learn Linux on FREE Online Linux Terminal

This post was last updated on June 3rd, 2020 at 05:20 pmWindows is quite everywhere in consumer applications. But Linux is the way to get many jobs because it is

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How to Learn Linux Without Having a Linux Machine?

Wondering how to learn Linux without having a Linux PC with you?? Is it really possible or you’re just kidding me?? Trust me it’s all possible and you just need