Sun Storage Arrays Storedge 3000 Family

Sun Storage Arrays Storedge 3000 Family

Hey guys, long time dabbler in linux in general (installed linux on my ps3 back in the day) and have dual booted windows and linux for most of my career in computers. recently been trying to build my first server, and of course i had to go with Ubuntu!
(Please let me know if i didn’t post this in the correct place!)

I got a Sun Oracle Storage 7410 Server with
2 – 6-Core Processors (I believe they’re amd’s equivalent of xeons but i may be wrong?)
-64gb of ram and
-2 500gb SSDs in raid 1

I have lubuntu installed on it and running seemingly well and i can even remote into the system easily using TeamViewer and noodle around.
ended up going with Lubuntu for multiple reasons (the main being that it was the most convenient way for me to install linux in raid without having too much resources to the desktop envoronment [If anybody has any knowledge about that please let me know lol! still very much a noob])

My main function for the server is to have a file database for my long term storage archive needs, and to experiment. maybe a media server, or perhaps an email server, perhaps VMs.

However I also Bought 3 Storedge 3000 Family Units (I’m honestly not sure exactly which ones they are,) and i’m having a tough time figuring out how they work. I have two 14 tb drives ready to go in them JBOD Style until I can buy enough drives to do proper Raid style. (Also open to doing that a better way if anyone has any ideas.) wanting to buy 14tb drives as i can afford them and slowly expand my storage needs until i’ve filled all 3 units (which would total over half a petabyte) Kinda thought it would be plug and play but clearly i was mistaken. Looked into the CLI for Sun (Command Line Interface) and INstalled that on my server (I think?) But haven’t been able to get that working.

I have the Storedge single unit (the master unit i believe) plugged into the Server via SFB (I believe) But all it does is beep. I was thinking i need to connect it and edit some settings before i put the drives in but is that not the case? is it not working because It has no drives in it? (this is probably my last thing to try at this point)

My question basically is does ANYONE have ANY idea how the —- These things work? I’ve been googling for days and all i can seem to find that helps me is a page detailing the meaning of the beeps the things absolutely will not stop making. Am I supposed to connect through ethernet and then send commands to it? Am i Missing Some Software?

Really anything at this point would be massively helpful. Thank you


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