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[SOLVED] Droidcam error install on ubuntu 20.04

Hello, have been trying to install Droidcam on Ubuntu 20.04 unsuccesfully. I followed the instructions at dev47apps website: Code: cd /tmp/ wget echo “73db3a4c0f52a285b6ac1f8c43d5b4c7” | md5sum -c —

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linx 12×64 wirless install help

so i have a linx 12×64 pc tablet, yes it has the atom x5 and im tying to run ubuntu 20.04.1. iv run the scripted for pastebinit, a its not

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Give Pinta keyboard shortcut to enlarge/decrease brushe sizes.

Hi, I’m running Pinta 1.6 on 18.04 LTS (Bionic) I love the program however it does not have the ability to enlarge/decrease brush sizes using keyboard shortcuts. Is there anyway


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