Cool Software Products

Cool Software Products


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Cool Software Products:

VNC – Virtual Network Computing
vmware – Virtual Machine
Cygwin – a UNIX environment for Windows

Please note that Cygwin contains SSH, X11 X-Windows server, and many other utilities. Now there is no need to install other SSH packages such as the ones from,, putty, or others, nor is there any need to use other X11 packages such as Microimages, exceed’s hummingbird, etc, because Cygwin includes it all and uses the same OpenSource source code that Linux uses.

Cool Places to get software:
AT&T; Laboratories Cambridge
JGAA’s Freeware (warftp)
GNU – Gnu’s not unix
FSF – Free Software Foundation
ISO Find – Alt. link

Other Cool Services: – Public DNS Service – Free Domain Project – URL redirector – Dynamic DNS Server Service
Dynamic DNS update client – I’ve used ddup, it works.


TTSSH: An SSH Extension to Teraterm / Windows SSH
Getting started with SSH
A collection of copies of free SSH implementations

Mailman home page
Python home page

Free Windows SSH:

Old Recommended List

SSH – Commercial Site
SSH – Community Site
Microimages TNTlite


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